Introduction and Aims


For Audio Project 2 I will be undertaking the development of a drum sample library for rock and metal producers. This undertaking will require several stages of research and development. Firstly we shall outline our overarching aims and learning outcomes.

Once our goals have been established we will begin research. This will include market and competitor analysis, enabling us to find a niche market for our sample library; Sampling techniques to inform our recording and compilation of the samples. The most challenging aspect of research will be deciding how to package the sample library for consumer use.

We have several options for how to package our library, Kontakt Library, VST/AU standalone plugin, and Max for Live instrument for example. Our research will inform what will be the best way to present our sample package for ease of use.

Aims and Objectives

Our goal for this project is to have a fully working, finished product that is ready for commercial release, however, in the time frame of this project that is very unlikely. Because of this, we will be aiming to create a functioning prototype with a limited feature set to showcase. This will require research to decide what features to focus on and what we would like to add for a final product; creating a development timeline.

Market research will be key in creating a successful product and therefore being able to conduct market analysis and research will be an important objective. Features will be decided by this research, giving us an idea of what competitors offer as well as what consumers want. This will allow us to prioritise development to have a prototype with the features deemed most important.

Careful planning, logistics and organisation will be essential to this project with the ability to organise the different stages of production and development being a core objective. We aim to have our core research completed before beginning the production stage so we can focus on the recording process and development completely.






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