Tutorial Diary: Week 1

In our first tutorial sessions, we discussed our initial ideas for our project, creating a drum sample library. David suggested we research what existing products are on the market to inform our project and finding a niche for our product to sit in. We discussed wanting to create a library of more naturalistic, less polished and “hi-fi” drum sounds primarily for rock and metal production as we found a lot of modern metal production relies on very polished, sometimes artificial sounding drum libraries and the use of several popular kits and sounds can make a lot of productions sound samey and uninteresting. We then discussed our method of delivery. David suggested instead of just simply creating a basic library of sample files creating some sort of application or plugin for the prospective user to use in their chosen DAW software. We discussed our options for this, Max for Live device, Kontakt instrument, or standalone VST plugin and which would be the best option. Further research would be necessary but creating a Kontakt instrument seems to be the best option as this Kontakt or Kontakt player can be used with any DAW allowing the widest compatibility. Additionally, creating a Kontakt instrument would be significantly easier than creating a bespoke VST plugin which would require extensive C++ coding. This tutorial informed our next moves and we will begin our research.

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